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Feedback and Reviews

‘Dear Lydia, you are simply and unequivocally amazing. I am in constant awe of the many (many) wonderful things that you make and do. You are astoundingly creative. (I don’t know how you manage it all. Where do you find the time?) I never stop singing your praises and I am overcome with delight that my son is being looked after by someone who cares for him so outstandingly well. I feel so blessed to have you in his life. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.’

‘Have a lovely Christmas, We really have to say, Thank you, Lydia and family, for all you do in your efficient way. We don’t know how we’d cope without you by our side. We know that life would be a very bumpy ride. So we would like to say, we appreciate all you do. We wish you a Merry Christmas and lots of love to you.’

‘Thank you very much again for your generosity, especially touching after everything else you have done for her over the last few months.’

‘Thank you all for everything. I really enjoy working here. I wish you the best holidays and a really good year.’

‘Thank you very much for all your work, ideas, songs, daily diaries, weekly photos, blog…Wishing you a lovely Christmas and excellent, well deserved holidays. Take care.’

‘A Home to Grow has a range of activities both entertaining and educational. My daughter very much enjoys going to A Home to Grow, there are not any changes that I would suggest.’

Lydia has looked after our son 4 days a week since he was 3 months old. He settled rather quickly and felt like home after a couple of days. It was two months ago and he is now very happy every morning when he arrives. We really appreciate: The log summarizing, his daily activities, the pictures that we receive every week, the activities with other children (reading, singing, etc.), the warm welcome and the lively atmosphere, the daily walk.’

‘Very happy. We like to read daily diaries and appreciate the effort. We think you make a big effort with the activities and the resources. Our son is always happy to stay with you. He enjoys the games you play and being with other children. I think you provide a very good childcare.’

‘My two and a half year son has been attending ‘A Home to Grow’ for the last five months, two mornings a week. I cannot recommend it highly enough; he very much looks forward to attending the nursery and gets a lot out of his time there. Lydia’s patient and thorough teaching and caring skills have had a very positive effect on my son who is thriving in his learning. I receive a daily report of what he has been up to and what he had for lunch which I enjoy reading, and I now have a collection of paintings /collages he has produced and takes great pride in showing me. His numbers and letters have also advanced a lot in a short period of time. I feel happy and safe knowing that my child is enjoying himself so much at A Home to Grow, and this also gives me peace of mind that he is left in such a caring environment.’

‘My child enjoys his time there very much.’

‘Thank you very much again for your generosity, especially touching after everything else you have done for her over the last few months.’

‘I cannot thank you enough for your generosity and openness in letting me do my Early Years MA student placement with you. During my time with you, I could clearly see your commitment to the children you care for. I had a great time, I learned so much and you really made me feel a part of the Home to Grow family. I hope we can keep in touch. Very best wishes.’

‘Very good service provided, nice setting and very friendly family which my child felt very comfortable around. I would highly recommend!’

‘I was really happy with their services, lovely family and my son had a great time with them and is looking forward to going again!’

‘Friendly family, flexible service and my baby was a bundle of smiles after spending time with Lidia. Lovely nursery room too. I would highly recommend them.’

‘Daily diaries were given to me each time they cared for my child and photos of my child doing activities emailed to me each week.’

‘A great setting with children’s art displayed, friendly people, children happy each time I collect my child.’

‘Great childminders who really care about each child and helping them develop. They have a fun and loving environment with many educational resources.’

‘I love reading their daily activities blog and seeing what the children have been doing.’

Reviews Given on our Childcare.co.uk profile:

‘Delighted. Lovely nursery room and kitchen, warm family and a great approach to working with children. Very happy with the care my baby received, definitely recommend to my close friends.’

‘Lydia was a nanny for my 3 children for 6 years when she lived in Wales. She started when my youngest was a newborn which provided her with experience of all age groups. Lydia was an asset to our family, she was always happy, polite, reliable and sensible. Nothing was too much for her and I couldn’t have managed without her help. My children adored her and we all missed her when she moved to London. Lydia will make fantastic childminders and I wish them all the best.’

‘Having only started using their services recently I am extremely happy so far! My son is really enjoying it there and the range of activities they prepare for him each time is quite astounding. I am also given a daily diary at the end of each session to show me exactly what my son did and what areas of the EYFS he covered which is a lovely little touch and very helpful. I am more than happy and look forward to continuing to use a home to grow until my son starts nursery.’

‘Although I chose not to register with A Home to Grow, it was only due to the distance. We live about 12 miles away yet were tempted enough to visit anyway in case the journey was possible on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we found the traffic would be too much for the journey required, if we lived closer to London we would definitely register with this nursery. It was the fantastic website which first drew us in. It is wonderfully animated and incredibly informative with examples of everything from catering menus to activities. On our visit, the two childminders were professional and organized yet warm and approachable. No question was left unanswered or was too much. My wife who speaks little English was relieved with the patience and time she was offered for me to translate. The nursery itself is a creative, inspiring playroom with a huge selection of toys and educational materials. I was pleasantly surprised. We were taken around the rest of the home which was cosy, clean and not at all cluttered as one would expect from a family home. There were many safety adaptations and my son seemed content to play with the building bricks given to him as we discussed the services available. Both my wife and I agreed it would be a lovely place to send our son to each morning but that the drive there and back would be too much each day. If our situation changes we will be sure to let you guys know!’

‘Thank Goodness for A Home to Grow! I needed emergency care for my young baby and was very nervous about the process. Lydia instantly put me at ease and her professionalism assured me that she was more than capable of caring for my precious angel to the standard she deserves. The website was so informative I had few questions yet they were happy to answer anything I did ask, I received a full tour of their home which included seeing their bright, colourful, well-designed nursery and many of their educational toys which suit my daughter’s age group. I chose A Home to Grow for my daughter because they seemed so interested in my daughter’s welfare and I got the impression they are both so dedicated to giving the best opportunities to any children in their care. My daughter was content when I collected her and I was given a page of information on the activities my daughter had been doing, nappy changes she had been given, toys she played with and bottles of milk and snack she had. I am delighted that I could rely on such great childcare at such short notice and will definitely be calling them again soon.’

‘I want to leave a review for letting my family and I visit your home at such short notice last night. We are really looking for a nursery for our child to integrate into a group situation and prepare for school skills and structure so I was surprised to see how a childminder can set up a nursery setting like you have. I love the look of your place, the toys you have and the routines in place and am now very tempted to sign with you.’

‘We have been really happy with A Home To Grow. Our son is so very happy when we collect him and his knowledge of numbers, shapes, colours and even the alphabet is astounding which has progressed since spending time with Lydia.’

‘I love the photos I get via email each week and each session I get an account of what he has been learning, playing and who with.’

‘My child is very happy to be at A Home to Grow, they always do lots of different activities, painting, baking, crafts etc and have trips out. She enjoys the good homemade food that is provided.’

‘My little one loves being there and I can highly recommend them. They have always been flexible if I need to change my hours. They are very reliable and the children love it there!’

‘Everything great with the service and nursery play area. Childminders go above and beyond what is expected and seek to make me happy as well as my child. There were many opportunities for learning, play and outdoor exploration and I was given a diary of the day and photos of my child during activities. Couldn’t be happier’

‘Exceptional! Will register my child as soon as term ends. Lovely place, warm family, fantastic toys and learning equipment.’

‘was really happy with a home to grow. They were very nice people and their house is lovely with a pretty child room. There are lots of toys to play for hours. Liyda is lovely with parents and children. Good value for service very good.’