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A Home to Grow Childminders

Childcare Rates

Day Rate: £70.00 per day for up to 10 hrs (includes food/drink)

After school fees: £30.00 per day for afternoons including collection and meal

Food is included in the day rate fees!

3 Meals, drinks & 2 snacks each day

Food can be provided by parents if preferred.

Deposit: 4 weeks & first week in advance.

Babysitting: £10 per hour (at your address)

Overnight Care: 7pm-8am £60 (at this address)

In case of a child, off with illness, appointments or any other reason not caused

by childminders: full fees to be paid as usual.

During child vacations: full fees to be paid as usual.

Fees can be worked out on an averaging system so payments are able to be made via standing orders if you so wish.